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The Gentleman Vandal and the Turingator

Days to the Centenary: 239 Posterchild is the nom de guerre (or maybe nom d’art) of a Toronto street artist, a self-styled “gentleman vandal” who creates independent public art.  Sometimes his work is in a familiar style, like stencilling.  Other … Continue reading

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The Set of All Movies About Math Includes the Set of all Movies about Turing

Days to the Centenary: 242 From the specific (Alan Turing’s face in a unique work of art made by hand… and computer) to the general: a grand, notionally comprehensive, list of every damned movie ever made that revolves around (or … Continue reading

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Turing’s Legacy – Art: Turing Elves Go All “Maker Faire” On An Ancient Art

Days to Centenary: 243 Today’s installment of Turing’s artistic legacy has a distinctly DIY, make-ist [Make magazine | NYC Maker Faire] spirit. Rupert Rawnsley of Cardiff, UK has made a lithophane of his hero (and ours) Alan Turing. He did … Continue reading

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Good Night, Sweet Prince

Days to Centenary: 245 Today’s video is outstanding — simultaneously heartbreaking and hilarious. Ignore the video quality (it’s clearly a digitized videotape) — watch it! Why?  Because even if you know plenty about Alan Turing’s wartime work, which is estimated … Continue reading

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Grokking the Enigma

Days to Centenary: 246 The term “grok” comes from the novel Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein.  The novel’s own definition of grok is as follows: Grok means to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a … Continue reading

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Sometimes The Turing Test Is Not Enough

Days to Centenary: 247 The Turing Test has a strange, multifaceted life on the internet. For instance the idea is used literally but prospectively, as a benchmark of some impending level of technological development that we are approaching.  In this … Continue reading

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Churchill: Turing made the single biggest contribution to the war effort

Days to Centenary: 248 It’s sometimes easy all these years after the end of World War II to lose track of the significance of events and individuals, even when at the time the events were staggering and the individuals were … Continue reading

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Norman Routledge, Saucy Raconteur, Remembers His Friend Alan Turing

Days to Centenary: 249 Mathematician Dr. Norman Routledge was not a famous man.  He doesn’t even rate a Wikipedia page.  But he was a friend of Alan Turing’s and he’s a great storyteller. In an audio clip available courtesty of … Continue reading

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The *Other* Upcoming Alan Turing Feature Film

Days to Centenary: 250 A veritable blizzard of news reports resulted recently when it was accounced  thta not only had Warner Bros. purchased a spec script called The Imitation Game based on the life of Alan Turing for seven figures, … Continue reading

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Turing’s Legacy – Art: Turing Inspires the Godfather of Pop Art

Days to Centenary: 251 On a Sunday (like today) most of us who can do so like to take a break from the workaday world and, if we’re really lucky, from other mundane quotidian concerns like cleaning and shopping, to … Continue reading

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