Turing’s Legacy – Humour: Epic Rap Battles of Advanced Mathematics, Alan Turing vs. Kurt Gödel

Days to Centenary: 261

In my last post I noted that Alan Turing’s legacy sometimes turns up in the strangest places.  In that case it was in the world of philanthropy — here it’s the world of humour.

Killjoys may argue that videos like this one have no place in a meaningful review of Turing’s legacy, but friends report that Turing had a sense of humour about even the darkest, most serious things — including (at times) about the events that led to his undoing.

In honour of Alan Turing’s deep and abiding sense of humour, then, I present Epic Rap Battles of Advanced Mathematics: Alan Turing vs. Kurt Gödel.  Besides, it’s a well executed bit of musical humour, with nods to Turing’s war work, his stutter, his sexuality, his fascination with the story of Sleeping Beauty, and the infamous apple — so enjoy.

Personally, I think Turing pwns Gödel, but then I may be biased.  If you disagree, do it by email at nas@homoartificialis.com.

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