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The Turing Elves Put On Radiohead Masks

Days to Centenary: 214 Turing Elves — to whom I have referred several times on this blog — are those often invisible but near-ubiquitous souls who have no official standing vis a vis Alan Turing, but who nonetheless mount performances, … Continue reading

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Turing in Fiction — Greg Egan’s “Oracle”

Days to Centenary: 219 There is a small but not insignificant body of fiction which features Alan Turing as a character.  With great good luck it turns out that some very good examples of the oevre are available free online. … Continue reading

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24 Chinese Rooms — Thinking With Meat, Thinking With Metal

Days to Centenary: 224 John Searle is an American philosopher who has proposed one of the most commonly cited arguments against the possibility of genuine artificial intelligence in a computing device. His position — to oversimplify wildly — is that … Continue reading

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Touring Turing — Awesome Artists for a Genial Genius

Do not miss this: the official Alan Turing Year 2012 is on to raise funds for a Turing-centric art exhibition that will be staged at a number of different venues.  This will be a travelling exhibit entitled  “Intuition and Ingenuity,” … Continue reading

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The Desire for Enigma: The Mysterious Theft of the Code Machine

Days to Centenary: 234 On April 1, 2000 someone pulled a major April Fool’s prank, stealing one of only three Enigma code machines in the world from Bletchley Park. The Abwehr Enigma G312 machine was valued at £100,000. Police believed … Continue reading

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On Hallowe’en I Wore My Homo Sapiens Costume

Days to Centenary:  236 On  Hallowe’en I wore my homo sapiens costume to hide the fact that I’m actually homo artificialis.  While the streets teemed with kids dressed as giant iPhones and Terminator robots, I wandered the city, for once … Continue reading

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