Touring Turing — Awesome Artists for a Genial Genius

Do not miss this: the official Alan Turing Year 2012 is on to raise funds for a Turing-centric art exhibition that will be staged at a number of different venues.  This will be a travelling exhibit entitled  “Intuition and Ingenuity,” which will include workshops, talks and other events.  As the title says, Turing’s touring.

There are some truly awesome artists already confirmed, including: Roman Verostko, Boredom Research, Patrick Tresset, Greg Garvey, Anna Dumitriu and Alex May.  Click on the artists’ links — you will not be underwhelmed.

So do the right thing and lend a hand! Donate a dollar, or a Euro, or some latinum if that’s what’s in your pocket! The Turing-elves command you! And an apparition which just might be the ghost of Alan Turing lurks in the background, in case you don’t. Forget the Ghost of Christmas Past — you do not wanted to be haunted by a mathematician. Click here to avoid the ire of the Turing-verse.

Now as a reward you get to watch one of Patrick Tresset’s robots in action. Enjoy.

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