Alan Turing Year Gets Practical: £30,000 Bursary

“A Great science fiction detective story”
Ian Watson, author of The Universal Machine

Luck and Death at the Edge of the World

Days to Centenary: 82

The Turing Tenner Showdown deadline has been extended to April 15! Design the best £10 note honouring Alan Turing, win prizes, and be the envy of your friends! Go here for details.

As the Alan Turing Year progresses, it continues to manifest itself in a variety of ways.

The newest: a bursary program in support of computing projects sponsored by BCS, the chartered institute for information technology.  According to a news item:

An education bursary worth £30,000 has been launched by BCS, the chartered institute for IT, to mark Alan Turing’s centenary year.

The money will be used to support between 30 and 60 computing-related projects in schools and universities, helping to promote computer science as an academic discipline and nurture the next generation of people with careers in IT.

According to Bill Mitchell, the director of the BCS Academy of Computing, the bursary is “the first of several initiatives” the institute intends to launch to boost computer science teaching in the UK.

We should offer every student the opportunity to learn the workings of the digital systems that pervade their world… It is important we continue to nurture talent and give people the right opportunities to create.”

As much as I appreciate the various symbolic aspects of the Alan Turing Year, it’s good to see that it’s also generating practical measures that will not only honour Turing’s legacy, but also build upon it.

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