The Alan Turing Year is Everywhere: Invitation to Iceland

“A Great science fiction detective story”
Ian Watson, author of The Universal Machine

Luck and Death at the Edge of the World

Days to Centenary: 65

If you`ve been following the Alan Turing Year you`ll know that it`s being marked in about 20 countries, from England to Canada, from China to Brazil.

One participating country, Iceland, has just wrapped up a series of five lectures in honour of Turing organized in collaboration by the School of Computer Science at Reykjavik University, the Icelandic Mathematical SocietyCADIA and The Icelandic Institute for Intelligent Machines.

Now, if — like me — you just couldn`t make it to Reykjavik between January and April you`ll have missed them.

Reykjavik by day. Seriously, don't you wish you were there?

Reykjavik by day. Don't you wish you were there?

Fortunately for people like us Luca Aceto, a professor in the School of Computer Science and the first presenter in the series,  has been blogging about the talks at his Process Algebra Diary page (it looks like he didn’t blog number four, but if I find it I’ll add it):

In addition to discussing each event, he has ensured that audio files, and in some cases promotional posters and slides, are available for download, so that those of us who couldn’t attend can still join in the fun.

Reykjavik in the evening. Seriously?

Reykjavik in the evening. Seriously?

So thanks to the internet — which we have in part thanks to Turing himself — we can share in Alan Turing Year events around the world, no matter where we may be at a given moment.

As a bonus, I’ve embedded Professor Aceto’s lecture Developing software is a game!, below.  It’s brief (8 minutes), entertaining, and informative.

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