Use a Real Enigma Encryption Machine and Bombe Decryption Device

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Days to Centenary: 14

We’re nearing the finish line of the countdown to the Turing Centenary — just two weeks to go!

If you’ve missed any posts, take a look through our back catalog.

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If you’re a regular on this site you already know two ways to build your own Enigma machine.  Still, wouldn’t you love to encode something on a real Enigma machine and have it decoded on an actual Bombe?

Next week you can, at least if you’re in the vicinity of the Cheltenham Science Fair.

Military Enigma Machine

Military Enigma Machine

From June 12-17 the Fair will be borrowing a real Enigma machine, on loan from GCHQ.  You can have a Twitter message encoded and it will then be sent to Bletchley Park, where it will be decoded with a Bombe, the code-breaking device masterminded by Alan Turing to defeat the Enigma codes being used by the Nazis in World WarII.

Rebuilt Bombe Decryption Device

Rebuilt Bombe Decryption Device

How that for a little historical role-playing?  Visit the Discover Zone to participate.

The Fair is also featuring an address by  Jack Copeland, Director of the Turing Archive, called Alan Turing: Pioneer Of The Information Age on June 12 at 8:30 pm.  General admission tickets are £9.

The Enigma Logo

The Enigma Logo

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