A Bouquet of Turing Audio Offerings

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Days since the Centenary: 69
Days to the Bicentennial: 36,455

Not surprisingly there’s been a spate of podcasts focussed on Alan Turing in the lead-up to his June 23 centenary and in its wake since then.

Here are some of the better ones. These are fundamental enough for Turing noobs while still providing something new and diverting for afficionados.

To The Best of Our Knowledge (August 19)

To the Best of Our Knowledge

To the Best of Our Knowledge on Turing

Wisconsin Public Radio produces an excellent program called To the Best of Our Knowledge (iTunes link, home page) — known to habitual listeners by the acronym TTBook — which I’ve been listening to for years.

NPR describes TTBook in this way:

Each week To the Best of Our Knowledge delivers in-depth interviews with nationally and internationally-known guests whose passion for new ideas will challenge and engage. Hosted by Jim Fleming, this interview magazine is thoughtful and penetrating, and features fascinating topics and guests.

TTBook produced a podcast composed largely of interviews called Getting to Know Turing. You can find it on iTunes or listen to it online in several sections:

BBC Discovery (June 18 & 25)

BBC's Discover on Turing

BBC’s Discover on Turing

BBC’s Discovery is another podcast I rarely miss. It launched a two-part show on Turing’s legacy that draws extensively on the BBC’s archive of historic recordings.

As with TTBook, you can find Discovery on iTunes or you can listen to the episodes online at the following links:

So, as Timothy Leary might say if he were haunting us, drop what you’re doing, tune in, and turn on the Turing.

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