A Turing Halloween, the Sequel

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Days since the Centenary: 130
Days to the Bicentennial: 36,394

So I’ve been busy lately, as any regular visitors to this site can probably tell, in part with my new Turing book project (if you missed that announcement, see the post Interview: Rudy Rucker Brings Alan Turing Back From The Dead + A Surprise Announcement).

My schedule having been what it is, I didn’t prepare a Halloween post in advance this year. Last year I posted On Hallowe’en I Wore My Homo Sapiens Costume, which included photos of an Alan Turing jack-o-lantern. But this year I was busy and, as much as I love Halloween, it has no particular tie to Turing.

Or maybe it does — some deep, supernatural connection I’m not aware of — because the Turing-Elves weren’t content to let the day go by without connecting the day to the man.

Enter Oscar, a software engineer in San Mateo, California (home to actor Barry Bostwick who, on a Halloween note, so adeptly played the character of Brad in the movie version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show).

Oscar was participating in an office pumpkin-carving event and settled on the idea of creating a jack-o-lantern honoring a luminary from computer history.

Clearly Oscar is a man of discerning taste (not to mention a fan of the classics and a celebrant of the Alan Turing Year), because rather than creating a portrait of another worthy contender (maybe Ada Lovelace or Steve Jobs) he decided to create his own version of a Turing pumpkin.

He was also good enough to send me a few photos, so here I am, creating another Turing/Halloween post. Looks like it’s turning into a tradition.

Here are Oscar’s pics. Happy Halloween everyone and I look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Transferring Turing''s likeness to the pumpkin.

Transferring Turing”s likeness to the pumpkin.

Turing takes shape.

Turing takes shape.

Voila! Finis!

Voila! Finis!

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