Turing Elves Strike Again: New Turing Infographic

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We’re almost two years past the Turing centenary now–in fact we’ve gone some ways toward the bicentennial–but the momentum that began in the lead-up to the centenary is still in evidence.

Regular readers will know that a Turing Elf is someone who creates a work in relation to Turing out of private passion rather than as part of a set of official duties, and the Turing Elves are still out there cobbling together works of art, educational materials, memorials and tributes, and iPhone apps.

Today’s column honors Steve Ollington, Lis, and the Manchester Jury’s Inn, who together have created an online infographic that’s a mini-tutorial on Turing’s life and work.

As Steve wrote, the Jury’s Inn:

…recognise his importance as key figure in British History and a national treasure, and they liked the thought of providing a memorial that would engage, teach and honour a great figure, especially one who is such a local hero.

Their infographic succinctly (and attractively) sums up many of the key points of Turing’s story and is a great point of access for those who are just learning about the man and his place in history.

It’s reproduced below,and  you can visit it on the Jury’s Inn site here.

Alan Turing of Manchester, by Jurys Inn Manchester Hotel
Alan Turing Infographic by Jurys Inn Hotels

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6 Responses to Turing Elves Strike Again: New Turing Infographic

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  2. There are many inaccurate tales floating around surrounding the death of Alan Turing. Simply put, Alan did not die from taking one bite from a green apple. I have a copy of the post mordem report of Alan’s death
    which states that approx. 4 oz. of concentrated KCN fluid was found in his stomach not including the additional 2 oz. his body absorbed which killed him to make for approx 6-7 oz. total that Alan drank then ate a half slice of a red delicious apple ( not a whole green apple as often and inaccurately depicted) to get rid of the terrible bitter taste KCN leaves in ones mouth. Alan liked to eat a half slice of a red delicious apple before going to bed and often not eating all of it, leaving the rest on his night stand next to his bed. Alan always kept a bowl of red apples on a small wooden table next to the window that faced his back door/ garage in his dining room next to his living room w/ the small fireplace. Alan made the solution from highly concentrated KCN in crystal granulated form in a bottle he kept in the 2nd drawer of his dresser in his spare room/study next to his bedroom. The notion that he took one bite out of a poisoned apple is simply incorrect. One bite from an apple would not produce 4 oz. of highly concentrated KCN found in his stomach after his death. Alan did not die peacefully going to sleep tucked neatly in bed as often believed. I am very sorry to say that he died in terrible pain of convulsions and struggling to breath but could not get air he suffocated. Worst of all he knew he was alone in the house, he died alone, the worst kind of death in my humble opinion.
    Alan was a very strong and stoick man not one to complain or to show undo human emotionalism. He was quiet and often shy, he kept most of his pain and grief, and loneliness inside himself for he did not have a close enough friend he could fully confide his deep innermost feelings to, though there are some who claim they were close, he was trapped in a world of highly classified computer design work for the gov’t and could not talk about any of it and having to endure the terrible humiliation of his gov’t persecution and torture after losing his clearences to further his work which ruined his career. He was made to believe he was crazy, forced to take female hormones which not only reeks havok on the body and mind but is very dangerous if not closely monitored by a doctor, which it was not in Alan’ s case. He was subjected to grossly high doses w/o being monitored because it was administered with the intent to punish and torture not as a medical remedy. I know 1 st hand how destructive losing a security clearance can be since I was able to restore the security clearances of several men, while I served as an officer in the military, who were falsly accused and lost their clearences which is a career ender,by restoring their clearances their careers were saved. There were numerous signs that Alan was exhibiting, unintentionally, that points to his preparing to die. There were also a number of traumatic events that happened to him in a short period of time that added up to the point he couldn’t take it anymore, his neighbors moving out 3 days earlier is what finally pushed him over the edge. Though outwardly he appeared to be in a ” jolly good mood”, he was desperately feeling trapped and a sence of hopelessness for his future as a mathematician and computer engineer. He was simply hiding the truth that he had come to a reolve with himself to commit suicide as a solution to end his misery. What Alan needed most in his life was an intimately close person who had much in common with him and could run 20 miles right along side with him, swim and climb mountains and yet carry on an intelligent conversation in astrophysics, physiological construct of the brain, computer designs that could mimic human thought or how to write a program to attack a new problem, or better solve the problems of storage copacity, talk of possibilities of artificial life w/o being laughed at, but most importantly a person who he could open up to and talk freely about his innermost thoughts and be understood and to be embraced by his companion for life with compassionate love w/ o having to go to a psychotherapist. To talk about just normal things inside a highly intelligent human being who really needed one he could talk to and not get the glazed- over eyes look. To play code games which he really loved or talk about the human spirit, to be his companion for life in mind, body and spirit!
    A person who would have been intimately understanding of his innermost mind and be able to read his code, sitting peacefully at his side in his living room enjoying the warmth of the fireplace, and yes, even with a glass of wine in hand would have been a nice beginning of many remedies to follow that would have prevented his death indeed.
    He needed what we humans all need– love and understanding by a companion who uniquely fits the code for life.

  3. Julia M Turing says:

    This photo shows a bottle of KCN to the Right I used in my electro forming experiments while building my 1 st computer the AL-2000 . Alan’s Post Mortem report, some photos of Alan I keep on my night stand, and Alan’s Will.

    Alan and me with some of many photos I have of him in my collection. Alan has meant a great deal to me since I Was 9 years old. He is the reason why I got a college degree when all the odds were against me and the only one in my step family and foster family to get a degree. I served honorably in combat as an Intelligence and Chemical officer working with codes, and much more in my life–I give all credit of my success in life to Alan M. Turing, thus I took his name when I was in my early 20s. I know Alan would be very proud of me, and so I will keep his name to my death. sincerely, Julia M . Turing


  4. luis says:

    Beautiful words Julia.
    I agree with your version of Alan’s death.
    It obviouly was a very special sensitive person (not only a genius mind) in a world too narrow-minded.
    My recent knowledgment of Alan´s life have increase my interest in science and he is a model for life to me.
    Also, congratulations to the blog’s writer

    (sorry, english is not my mother tongue)

  5. Dear Luis,
    There is so much more I have surrounding the tragedy of Alan’s death but it would fill numerous pages which would not be appropriate here out of respect for the dignity of the person of Alan Turing. Perhaps in a more appropriate venue these things, the last couple months leading up to his death, could become known.
    I can certainly tell you from first hand experience (Alan Turing being the model of my life for the last 43 years) that you will do well in life with him as your intellectual model and always keeping his spirit of truth, modest, humble honesty of his inner self close to your heart.

  6. luis says:

    Thank you so much Julia

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