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The Desire for Enigma: The Mysterious Theft of the Code Machine

Days to Centenary: 234 On April 1, 2000 someone pulled a major April Fool’s prank, stealing one of only three Enigma code machines in the world from Bletchley Park. The Abwehr Enigma G312 machine was valued at £100,000. Police believed … Continue reading

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Grokking the Enigma

Days to Centenary: 246 The term “grok” comes from the novel Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein.  The novel’s own definition of grok is as follows: Grok means to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a … Continue reading

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Churchill: Turing made the single biggest contribution to the war effort

Days to Centenary: 248 It’s sometimes easy all these years after the end of World War II to lose track of the significance of events and individuals, even when at the time the events were staggering and the individuals were … Continue reading

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Turing News Update – Bletchley Park Gets £4.6M For Preservation… But There’s A Catch

Days to Centenary: 260 The Bletchley Park Trust, which has custody of Alan Turing’s wartime codebreaking stomping grounds, has just been awarded £4.6 million by the Heritage Lottery Fund to restore and preserve the historic site, which at one point … Continue reading

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