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If you’ve read the About This Blog page, you know that The Turing Centenary arises not only from my long-standing personal interest in Turing, but also from the fact that he (or a simulacrum of him) makes an appearance in my novel Luck and Death at the Edge of the World, which will be released in 2012.

There are also other aspects of Luck and Death which have spawned their own little corners of the internet.

Homo Artificialis: robotics, artificial Intelligence, and more.

Luck and Death — which is science fiction — involves a form of radical life extension through the use of replacement bodies called “shells.” A conscious artificial intelligence also plays a significant role.

The Homo Artificialis blog focuses specifically on the science and culture of artificial humanity, with posts on current developments in the sciences that could contribute to the development of artificial bodies or artificial minds.

Once and Future Mexico: the path ahead for Mexico and its capital

[link to come]

A large part of the story in Luck and Death takes place in Mexico City, but of course this is the Mexico City of the future.  I’ve been to Mexico several times and was in its thrall from the first moment.  I’m a gringo who now lives in Brazil, but Mexico still has a claim on part of my heart and it found its way into this story.

I am just mounting the Once and Future Mexico blog [link to come], which investigates where Mexico is headed and what a future Mexico might be like, which meansexploring its history and culture as well — the best futurists are always part historian.  I have no expertise — this blog is my way of learning about what Mexico might become while providing interesting links and downloads for anyone who wants to join me.

(Once and Future Mexico is in English because I don’t yet speak Spanish.)

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