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Hum Along to Turing, Part III (+ Free Bonus Album)

Holy cats! The melodic interpretations of the Turing legacy just keep on coming. (To catch up on previous installments, see: Hum Along to Turing and Hum Along to Turing, Part Deux) I’ve actually got another music-related post backlogged at the moment, but since … Continue reading

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Hum Along to Turing, Part Deux

Days to the Bicentennial: 36,269 In a recent post entitled Hum Along to Turing I reported that London-based band Fiction was releasing their debut album The Big Other, including a song called The Apple that was about, and dedicated to, … Continue reading

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Hum Along to Turing

Days to the Bicentennial: 36,278 Out magazine reports that London-based band Fiction has a single called The Apple on their debut CD The Big Other that is about–and dedicated to–Alan Turing. Band member Mike Barrett wrote the song and shared its … Continue reading

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Alan Turing, Muse to Musicians

“A Great science fiction detective story” – Ian Watson, author of The Universal Machine NOW AVAILABLE for instant download! Click to find out more. Days since the Centenary: 20 Days to the Bicentennial: 36,504 Alan Turing has has turned up … Continue reading

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The Turing Elves Put On Radiohead Masks

Days to Centenary: 214 Turing Elves — to whom I have referred several times on this blog — are those often invisible but near-ubiquitous souls who have no official standing vis a vis Alan Turing, but who nonetheless mount performances, … Continue reading

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