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The Most Generous Book in the World

I was recently invited to write a short piece on Alan Turing and his childhood friend and secret crush, Christopher Morcom, for a book called The Who, the What, and the When: 65 Artists Illustrate the Secret Sidekicks of History, about the … Continue reading

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Alan Turing Hits the Red Carpet, Chris Morcom Hits the Books

It’s rare that I look out on yet another perfect, sunny day in Brazil and wish that I was in my other hometown, Toronto. I sometimes get nostalgic for something specific: a friend, or a favorite restaurant. And occasionally I … Continue reading

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More Derision for Turing Test “Pass”

Days since the Centenary: 723 Days to the Bicentennial: 35,801 Further to the post of a few days ago (“Did a Supercomputer Finally Pass the Turing Test? Don’t Bet On It“), skepticism about the alleged passing of the Turing Test by … Continue reading

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Hum Along to Turing with the Pet Shop Boys

The Pet Shop Boys are icons of 1980s electronic music.  They’re also the most successful music duo that the United Kingdom has ever produced.  And they’re Turing Elves. This July, at the BBC Proms music festival, the Boys will present … Continue reading

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Turing Elves Strike Again: New Turing Infographic

We’re almost two years past the Turing centenary now–in fact we’ve gone some ways toward the bicentennial–but the momentum that began in the lead-up to the centenary is still in evidence. Regular readers will know that a Turing Elf is … Continue reading

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Super-Nerd Benedict Cumberbatch, Who Already Has a Geek Hat-Trick, May Star in Alan Turing Biopic

Days since the Centenary: 224 Days to the Bicentennial: 36,300 I was talking with my business partner Saul–who is the other half of–the other day and we were speculating about which existing Star Trek villain might get reprised in … Continue reading

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A Turing Halloween, the Sequel

Days since the Centenary: 130 Days to the Bicentennial: 36,394 So I’ve been busy lately, as any regular visitors to this site can probably tell, in part with my new Turing book project (if you missed that announcement, see the … Continue reading

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Alan Turing in Israel

Days since the Centenary: 75 Days to the Bicentennial: 36,449 One thing that the international Alan Turing Year has made evident as events, gathering, talks, and creative works have been unveiled, launched, or convened: even 58 years after Turing’s death … Continue reading

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A Bouquet of Turing Audio Offerings

Days since the Centenary: 69 Days to the Bicentennial: 36,455 Not surprisingly there’s been a spate of podcasts focussed on Alan Turing in the lead-up to his June 23 centenary and in its wake since then. Here are some of … Continue reading

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DiCaprio Won’t Play Turing — Who Will?

“A Great science fiction detective story” – Ian Watson, author of The Universal Machine NOW AVAILABLE for instant download! Click to find out more. Days since the Centenary: 58 Days to the Bicentennial: 36,466 News outlets are reporting (for instance … Continue reading

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